Water treatment systems

Water is the source of everything, without it no life is possible. Water pollution is one of the most impacting problems of our time and has several causes:

  • Pollution from the past. In the past, companies discharged their waste products into lakes and rivers.
  • Soil pollution. Pollutants then end up in groundwater.
  • Overfertilization. If there is too much manure, the fertilizers end up in groundwater and surface water.
  • Flooded sewers in case of heavy rainfall. Dirty waste water ends up in ditches or ponds.
  • Indirect water pollution. Pollutants end up in the water via a detour, e.g. soot that ends up in the water as a result of rain.
  • Residues of medicines. These end up in ditches and rivers via the sewers.

By purifying the drinking water, undesirable organic and chemical substances are filtered out of the water.

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