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We are convinced that health is in your own hands. 

The right quality food suplements, the right life-style and a positive enviroment. There are many food supplements which are backed by science and there are plenty of tools to help you improve your own health. We also have our own trade cannabinoids line Optima Formula like CBD oil CBG oil etc Take a look at (Dutch version of that site is up to date) started from our own clinic OptimaHealth and is an extra service for our customers.

We dont talk about disease but about optimizing your health (status).

On this website we deliver specific products like Optima CBD and Optima CBG oil which can help you to stay healthy. We can also help you to choose which supplements can be usuefull or not. Also take a look at the anti viral package developed together with Dr. Roy Martina


Usually all orders are delivered within 1 day, so you get what you need fast. Due to the corona crisis delivery can take a bit longer. All products are in stock, subject to being available. 

Sometimes for certain suplements we can also send you a alternative, when you do not want that, place that as comment in your order. For CBD like products and the Roy Martina products we will only supply those.


Orders of 3 or more are automatically get discounts.


Do you have any questions, please email us at We are naturopaths ourselves and have over 25 years of experience.

Do you want to know about our premiun quality CBD oils, look at the Dutch version of with Google translate. CBG is also very interesting and THCV is also super effective during stress periods to keep your mind and imunsystem sharp! Our most used product is the Optima Alpha cannabinoid complex, which is uqniue in the world.


Sometimes we have payment problems with the payment gateways, our programmers are working on it. Send us a email with your order/ request with all your address details and we send you a invoice.


Disclaimer: We sell products from various manufacturers and do not make any medical claims or statements as to whether a product, substance or ingredient has any medical effect.

The manufacturers use, wherever possible, organic raw materials but neither they nor we claim to be SKAL (Organic) certified. 

Please do your own research, for example on scientific websites such as Pubmed or Science Direct. 

In case of medical conditions, always consult your GP first. If in doubt, consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacy before taking any products. 

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